Independent Las Vegas Escort Samantha Sommers Insight Page

My Darling,

You’ve made it!

I was worried about You! Tho, I knew you’d find Your way to Me at the Perfect moment.

I’m glad you remembered You were searching for a woman like Me.
It seems like You’re deeply in need of some soul stirring moments again. This pleases me, for I long to make You Smile. You deserve to light up from the inside out. There’s no doubt that I’m the right Lady to do that for You.  It is important to surround yourself with the right people. And, even tho you’d like me to model for you, I’m so much more than my genetically blessed “soul vehicle”.

Do you Seek Beauty?

A unicorn in the desert awaits You! I’m a rarity in many ways. My unique blend of passion, sensuality, and loveliness is highly favored by gentlemen who want, and appropriately appreciate the total package when finding the right model. Choosing whom to spend your valuable time with is an important decision. Rest assured, I am a Private Model you Need and will definitely Want in your life. In fact, once we meet for the first time, you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever coped without Me!

You’ll no doubt peruse my photo gallery. After several eyefuls you’ll be able to ascertain that I’m quite perfect for You. After all, I’m a tall, perfectly proportioned, All American Blonde Beauty from the Midwest! Perhaps the light in my blue eyes will draw you in further…  Maybe it’ll be my electric, mega-watt  smile…  Or, possibly my full breasts and flat tummy might be what catches your eye! Are you gazing longingly at my endless legs? Or does my sleek and slender, nearly 5’9″, super toned frame make you imagine our bodies intertwined in a delicate dance?! Without question, you’ll admire the care and dedication I give to daily private sessions with my Pilates trainer.

I sincerely want to thank you for noticing my physical attributes. Ladies do love to be admired and have their beauty appreciated. Now I imagine all of your senses beginning to stir. You’re already making me excited to share time with You!

But wait! Though the photographs I want to delight your eyes with do speak thousands of words and conjure up lusty thoughts, there’s plenty more you’ll want to know if we are going to reclaim that lost mojo of yours.

Who is Samantha Sommers?

I’m a multifaceted Elite Model based in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  I am available for private modeling. I’m a Lady and am down to earth, laid back, and friendly. I genuinely want to know more about you than what you’ll type on my reservation form. I enjoy getting to know people from all walks of life and am an attentive listener. I like trading ideas, thoughts, and concepts and am grateful for every opportunity to learn or experience something new. Life is meant to be enjoyed and I try to make sure each day is filled with as much positive energy and joy as possible.

I prefer reading and listening to music over watching television. Reality shows and gossip magazines do not interest me. I love Rock n Roll, American Muscle Cars, and Romantic Men. Like most girls, I gush over love notes, secret jokes between lovers, chocolates, and flowers.  I consider kissing and cuddling to be underrated and hope to take time to enjoy reveling in our encounter. While enjoying the company of a Gentleman, one of my favorite things to do is share stories over dinner, or reminisce over a nice glass of wine.  I want to know your thoughts. I want to listen to your tales.  I want to know what moves you.  And, I really want to know what makes You Happy.

I’ve been described as a “Rock n’ Roll Hippie Gypsy with a Heart of Gold”.  I am a free spirit, march to my own drumbeat, and I like to Smile and travel as much as I can.  I visit my hometown several times per year, as I am still very connected to my friends and family there.  I also travel to numerous cities in the United States during the year to experience rock shows and auto races; and, to hug friends along the way.

My travels also take me around the globe to visit confidantes, absorb live music, and delight in new experiences.
I have a bucket list I add to daily. It includes experiences I’d like to enjoy, people I want to visit, cities I’d like to explore, music venues I want to see, and musicians I would like to watch perform live. I thoroughly enjoy my life and it shows!

I love live music, fashion, and art in all of it’s various forms. I’m right-brained, yet I love planning and adhering to a (fun) schedule, albeit of my own merry making. I believe in supporting local business and American made products as often as possible. I like to spend time in nature and I care deeply about our planet.  I’m conscious of the foods I consume and what is in them.  I’m very conscientious about my physical, mental, and spiritual health. I do not engage in activities that will do anything to diminish these.  

Do You Crave Time with a VIP Model?

I’m well educated and well mannered.  I’m loyal, discreet, and fun-loving. I know how to dress appropriately so that I am welcome in all social settings.  I’m affectionate and I enjoy flirting.
I hold gentlemen who always display acts of kindness, chivalry, and generosity of spirit in very high regards.   I try to surround myself only with those who are always seeking knowledge, laughter, and love in their daily lives.

I’ll always be glad to see you and happy you have chosen to shower me with your affections. I find that our connection is able to deepen and blossom if we aren’t rushed. Our bodies, minds, and spirits will truly be able to soar if they are given proper attention. It’s difficult to fully engage and accomplish that in a short time frame, tho I do understand if that is all your schedule is able to allow. After all, you’re a busy Man who has very specific wants and needs.

I hope to be the lucky lady who will make you Smile.

I’ll be available for You whenever you find You need Me.

I’m Your Fantasy. By contacting me, I can be your Reality.

Smiles for Miles,
Samantha Sommers